The long flat bone that forms the center front of the chest wall. The breastbone is attached to the collarbone and the first seven ribs. Also called sternum.

English dictionary of cancer terms . 2015.

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  • Breastbone — Breast bone (br[e^]st b[=o]n ), n. The bone of the breast; the sternum. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • breastbone — (n.) sternum, O.E. breostban; see BREAST (Cf. breast) (n.) + BONE (Cf. bone) (n.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • breastbone — ► NOUN ▪ a thin flat bone running down the centre of the chest and connecting the ribs; the sternum …   English terms dictionary

  • breastbone — [brest′bōn΄] n. STERNUM …   English World dictionary

  • breastbone — UK [ˈbrestˌbəʊn] / US [ˈbrestˌboʊn] noun [countable] Word forms breastbone : singular breastbone plural breastbones the flat bone in the middle of your chest. The medical word is sternum …   English dictionary

  • breastbone — breast|bone [ˈbrestbəun US boun] n ↑backbone, ↑breastbone, ↑collarbone, ↑kneecap, ↑pelvis, ↑skull, ↑spine, ↑rib a long flat bone in the front of your chest which is connected to the top seven pairs of ↑ribs = ↑sternum …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • breastbone — [[t]bre̱stboʊn[/t]] breastbones also breast bone N COUNT Your breastbone is the long, flat bone which goes from your throat to the bottom of your ribs and to which your ribs are attached. Syn: sternum …   English dictionary

  • breastbone — noun Date: before 12th century sternum …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • breastbone — n. [A.S. breost, front of the chest; ban, bony] 1. The sternum. 2. (ARTHROPODA: Insecta) In certain dipterous larvae, a horny ventral process behind the oral opening, representing the labium; anchor process; sternal spatula …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • breastbone — /brest bohn /, n. the sternum. [bef. 1000; ME brust bon, OE breostban. See BREAST, BONE1] * * * …   Universalium

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