loperamide hydrochloride

loperamide hydrochloride
An antidiarrheal drug.

English dictionary of cancer terms . 2015.

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  • loperamide hydrochloride — An antiperistaltic agent used to treat diarrhea. * * * lo·per·a·mide hy·dro·chlo·ride (lo perґə mīd) an antiperistaltic that exerts a direct effect on the muscles of the intestinal wall, used in the treatment of acute nonspecific… …   Medical dictionary

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  • loperamide — lo·per·a·mide lō per ə .mīd n a synthetic antidiarrheal agent that slows intestinal peristalsis and is administered in the form of its hydrochloride C29H33ClN2O2·HCl to control acute nonspecific diarrhea or chronic diarrhea associated with… …   Medical dictionary

  • diphenoxylate hydrochloride — An antidiarrheal agent, chemically related to meperidine, that inhibits rhythmic contraction of smooth muscle; it has modest addiction liability. Similar to loperamide. * * * di·phen·ox·y·late hy·dro·chlo·ride (di″fə nokґsə… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Loperamid — Strukturformel Allgemeines Freiname Loperamid Andere Namen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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